What happens once I place an online order?

You will receive an email confirming your order. Once your order has been shipped from our studio, you will receive a shipping confirmation that includes all shipping details.

How long does it take until my order is shipped?

All of our custom pieces are made by hand, in house and to order. Therefore please allow 2 weeks for production. Once your order is ready it will be shipped directly to you. 

Where is the jewellery made?

All of our custom pieces are made in our studio in Toronto, ON. 

Do you offer repairs?

Of course we do! Our 12 month Free Repair Policy covers circumstances where your necklace or bracelet chain or clasp breaks without force being applied to it or if a stone has fallen out. We will repair the piece free of charge. Please contact us at info@luandlo.ca and we will gladly get you all fixed up.

While we love helping you keep your jewels in great shape, just a reminder that our repair policy is only for broken chains and lost stones. All other repairs are not covered under our policy.

If you do need repairs to other items and areas please email us and we’d be happy to offer repair services for a fee once you let us know what has happened. 

Lost merchandise will not be replaced. 

What if my ring or chain needs to be resized?

If you are unsatisfied with a size, please contact us within 7 days of receiving your item and we will allow you to purchase another size in the piece. Final sale pieces unfortunately will not be resized.


How do I care for my jewellery 

Because our jewellery is 14K solid gold, it should not tarnish or lose its colour from chemicals in soaps, perfumes, and lotions as other plated jewellery would. However, each piece specifically our earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, is handmade with a thin, delicate, chain and if mistreated or mishandled, may result in knots. Therefore, we suggest storing your pieces either hung or in boxes with cushions.

What is the cost of shipping?

Absolutely free because that makes life easier. 

Can I return my item?

Please refer to our return page for more details.

What are your products made out of?

Always 100 % 14K solid gold. Never plated, never filled, never faked.